Jeff Clark
Professional Background

Hello, I'm the founder and president of Cyanova, a software products and services company based in Markham, Ontario. My current areas of professional interest include data visualization, data and text mining, GUI and Web design, and pattern recognition software.

My academic background is in Applied Physics and Mathematics and was undertaken at the University of Waterloo. I was born and raised in Windsor but live now in Unionville, Ontario, just north of Toronto.

Below are links to some of my more recent creations.
Visual Data Explorer

This is a powerful environment for visual exploratory data analysis. It is very well suited to multi-dimensional analysis of hierarchical data and features the unique Multi-Level Pie Chart technology.

Cyanova Science News

This is an index to the latest news in the world of science. Articles are organized by topic with the newest ones shown first. It demonstrates document classification and website design.

World News

This shows the latest world news organized by topic and plotted on a small world map. It demonstrates document classification, geocoding and Java programming.

Avoid the Asteroid !

This is a java game to practice multiplication and division facts. It demonstrates simple animation and use of sound in a Java applet.


MathStax is another java game to practice multiplication facts. It demonstrates simple animation and use of sound in a Java applet.

Parkview Public School

This site has been redesigned to have better graphics and a consistent navigational and design metaphor. CSS and other technologies were used to simplify maintenance.

Art Adventure Studio

A website designed for a friend who is an excellent artist and has her own gallery.


This is my weblog and is focussed on data analysis and visualization.

Patrick Garel

A simple website for a friend.

Patrick Garel Financial Services